BASF launches new herbicide solution L-glufosinate in China

In January 2022, BASF officially introduced its non-selective herbicide JING•BAOSHIDA (L-Glufosinate 10% SL) to customers in China.Compared to glufosinate, L-glufosinate excludes substances without herbicidal activity but contains only substances with herbicidal activity. Therefore, it can achieve the same herbicidal effect at 60% the amount of a conventional product, while being more environmentally safe.  BASF’s JING•BAOSHIDA has three major characteristics: 1) Broad herbicidal spectrum: It ca...
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Turkey extends permission for five pesticides banned in EU countries

−− The permission will allow companies to destock harmful pesticides, the Wheat Association has notedThe Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in Turkey has extended the permission for the use of five pesticides for the second time while banning the use of two other pesticides.With a decision dated November 19, the ministry banned the use of pesticides that contain the active ingredients of chlorpropham and oxadiazon.The use of chloridazon, dimethoate, desmedipham, ethoprophos and linuron will be...
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US EPA issued Regulation 2021-25091 to amend residue limits for Bifenthrin in certain products

On December 1, 2021, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued Regulation 2021-25091 to amend residue limits for Bifenthrin in certain products, according to the Federal Register.  The EPA conducted a risk assessment of toxicity, dietary exposure, and effects on infants and young children and concluded that the following residue limits are safe.  The proposed amendments are as follows:
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Mitsui & Co reaches agreement to acquire 100% shares of ISI Sementi S.p.A.

On 9th November, 2021, Mitsui & Co reached an agreement to acquire 100% shares of ISI Sementi S.p.A (ISI).Founded in 1981, ISI is a reputed vegetable seeds company engaged in research, production, and sales of vegetable seeds. Headquartered in Fidenza, Italy, ISI has long-standing, favorable relationships in over 60 key agricultural countries and a strong footprint in the Mediterranean market where Mitsui considers to be strategic in the backdrop of its vibrant and integral role in global agricu...
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Brazil Registration Watch: MAPA approved two new biopesticides

The Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture (MAPA) announced the approval of two new biopesticides in Act No. 42 of the Department of Plant Protection and Supplies Agricultural of Agricultural Defense Secretariat, published in the Official Gazette. This time, a record of 53 formulated agrochemicals were approved, of which nine are considered low-impact products.Of the two new products registered, one is of biological origin, and another is of phytochemical origin (made from plants).The phytochemical p...
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Brazil - Public-private partnership develops bionematicide based on Trichoderma fungus

By Leonardo Gottems, reporter for AgroPagesThe government of the Brazilian state of São Paulo announced a partnership between the Biological Institute (IB-APTA) and the Canadian multinational Lallemand Plant Care to develop new biotechnology.It is a bionematicide for the control of root-knot nematodes (Meloidogyne spp.) and cyst (Heterodera glycines).Called LALNIX RESIST, the bionematicide is based on the Trichoderma fungus and is scheduled for release later this year. “The use of Trichoderma is...
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ISO approves 3 new pesticide common names in June and July 2021

The ISO Technical Committee on Common Names for Pesticides has provisionally approved 2 new active ingredient common names in June 2021 and 1 new active ingredient common names in July 2021, according to the Compendium of Pesticide Common Names (CPCN).Fenmezoditiaz is a mesoionic insecticide from BASF.Fluchlordiniliprole is a diamide insecticide from Hailir Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., Chinese common name 氟氯虫双酰胺.Indazapyroxamet is an unclassified insecticide from FMC.From Agropages, http://ne...
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U.S. to ban use of pesticide chlorpyrifos on food crops

By Tom PolansekThe U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on Wednesday said it will ban the use on food crops of the pesticide chlorpyrifos, which has been linked to health problems in children."EPA is taking an overdue step to protect public health," said EPA Administrator Michael Regan. "Ending the use of chlorpyrifos on food will help to ensure children, farmworkers, and all people are protected from the potentially dangerous consequences of this pesticide."Chlorpyrifos has been used as a pesti...
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