Fungicide captan receives EU renewal approval

The European Commission notified the World Trade Organisation (WTO) with the draft regulations regarding renewal approval of fungicide captan.According to the draft Commission Implementing Regulation, captan will be approved for 15 years, effective from 1 March 2023, and expire on 28 February 2038.According to the Commission, captan will be approved only for use in greenhouses, with the obligation that they remain closed from the time of application until harvest, may be authorised.For the imple...
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2022 12th Typhoon landed China, bringing influences on shipment

The huge 12th typhoon "Meihua" landed China on September 13 and passed Shanghai in September 14. Shanghai Port had to be closed for loading and shipment.Now the power of the typhoon is decreasing. Shanghai Port will be opened from 4:00 pm of September 15 (China time).
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Bound by Ethyl mercaptan, China’s clethodim production blocked

-Above 70% of global Clethodim supplied from China-Cost of procurement of the raw material Ethyl mercaptan nearly 4 times higher than in India-What is the bottleneck on the supply of Ethyl mercaptan to China-Chinese chemical companies appealing to immediate solutions to supply of Ethyl mercaptan, as period of yearly shipment of clethodim draws near, which is mostly in September - October and April - May of the next year China’s period of shipment of clethodim  It is presently the high time of pr...
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Nano-enabled way discovered to control rice bacterial leaf blight disease

The bacterial leaf blight disease (BLB) is among the three most devastating pathogens limiting rice production in China. Recent years has witnessed a resurgence of BLB in Zhejiang and other major rice areas in China due to climate change and the changes in the cultivation system. Moreover, there has emerged a new epidemic pattern. These have posed great challenges to the control of BLB. As one of the ten emerging chemical technologies that will change the world in the future, nano-enabled agroch...
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Newer member states push back on bolder EU pesticide reduction targets

European Union binding targets announced in June to reduce chemical pesticides usage by 50% by 2030 should help to boost interest and market activity, as conventional Active Ingredients (Ais) disappear from the marketplace over the next decade or so.However, the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine has severely disrupted EU food and farming supply chains, particularly in the Central and Eastern European countries bordering the former Soviet Union.Ten countries - Austria, Bulgaria, Estonia...
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Australia APVMA reconsidering the approval of fungicide procymidone

The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) has published the proposed regulatory decision (PRD) for the reconsideration of procymidone, a fungicide used for the control of fungal diseases in various broadacre, horticultural crops and ornamental plants.The PRD for procymidone will:1. retain procymidone as a safe and effective fungicide for use by Australian broadacre horticulture and ornamental plant industries2. affirm the active constituent approval3. vary and affirm t...
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On April 22 of 2022, Indonesia released the export ban of cooking oil and it raw marterials. The ban has taken effect on April 28, 2022 and the end time is unknown.Palm oil is the main cooking oil raw material in Indonesia, and China and India are main purchasers of palm oil. This ban will give huge impact to these markets.In China, the prices of all acid products have been increased, affected by this ban. It will lead to the downstream industries as following, like N,N-DIMETHYLDECANAMIDE and N,...
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Effect of Russia-Ukriane War

Due to Russia &Ukraine's war ,caused the sunflower seed oil stopping supply from black sea region.The black sea region is the world's largest exporter of sunflower oil,accounting for 60% of the world's production and 76% of exports.Ukraine's seaport will keep closing until war is over.Buyer have to find other oil to replace ,Plam oil became the most expensive of one.The war has impacted part of downstream solvent and adjuvant.Besides, according to news in worldwide, the R-U war has impacted the ...
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