Brazil Anvisa launches new system for registration of agrochemicals

Posted on 2023-06-15

The Brazilian Anvisa (National Health Surveillance Agency) announced a new system for registering components of agrochemicals and the like.

As of June 2023, all requests must be made through the system called ″Solicita″.



In turn, transfers of ownership to pesticide companies will be automated, Anvisa informed.

According to the official Brazilian regulatory agency, the ownership transfer procedure will be more agile and all requests for registration and component changes will be centralized in a single system.

Requests for registration or post-registration of components at Anvisa will now be made only through the Solicita system.

Data for registration will no longer be sent directly in the current system by electronic form.

In the new procedure, the component registration application model must be completed, electronically signed and inserted in the Request, with the complementary documentation.

It is no longer necessary to pre-register the component and one needs to ensure the identity of the component and detail them in Item 4 of the application.

According to Anvisa, the subject code will remain the same (5015–Component Registration), as well as the files to be attached. Other instructions are in the system itself.

Subject code 5059 (Component registration change) should only be used for trade name, manufacturer, intended use and packaging changes.

The change will only apply to orders placed as of June 1, 2023, without affecting orders placed earlier.


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