About us
Suzhou Greenlands Chemical Co., Ltd.
A professional sourcing agent for agrochemicals in China, to meet our customers’ different needs from basic raw materials, intermediates, technical, to the finished products. We devote ourselves to the agrochemicals. We will be your eyes and ears in China.
R & D and sales of fiber splicing machinesmore than 10 years of experience,Nanjing future optical fiber equipment co., LTD is the leading manufacturer of Fusion Splicer and fiber optic splicer in Chin...
Optical Power Meteris also one of our products, in order to better serve you, please left us a message, we will be the first time to give back.
Nanjing future optical fiber equipment provide professional fiber splicing machine, fiber cleaver, optical power meter and other equipment.
Enterprise Culture

Annual Company Tour and Reporting Conference of 2020

  Sanya, Hainan Province     December 23-29, 2020

ACE 2020

  Shanghai     October 12-14, 2020

ICSCE Exhibition in India 2019

  Delhi, India     November 14-15, 2019