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A professional sourcing agent for agrochemicals in China, to meet our customers’ different needs from basic raw materials, intermediates, technical, to the finished products. We devote ourselves to the agrochemicals. We will be your eyes and ears in China.
  • Mitsui to Acquire Irish Biostimulants Co... 2023-03-13 has announced that it has reached agreement to acquire a share of in Donegal, Ireland, a leading Irish biostimulants manufacturing company. Through this partnership, Mitsui and CB-Agri will jointly enhance and boost the overall growth strategy of its biostimulant products. Mitsui & Co. Ltd. C&B Agri Enterprise Ltd. C&B Agri Enterprise is an Irish-based producer and distributor of biostimulant prod... more
  • Colombia bans fipronil insecticide 2023-02-24 The Ministry of Agriculture and the Colombian Institute of Agriculture (ICA) announced a ban on the registration and definitive use of pesticides that have fipronil as an active ingredient. Please check the  . RESOLUCIÓN No.00000740 Luis Domingo Gómez, the author of the action, celebrated the decision and highlighted the fact that the resolution is ″supported by irrefutable scientific evidence tha... more
  • Albaugh acquires Afrasa in Spain 2023-01-13 Albaugh Europe Sarl, a company headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland, announces the acquisition of Industrias Afrasa, a company headquartered in Valencia, Spain. Afrasa was founded in 1955 by Aurelio Fernández in Valencia, Spain and in 1974 opened formulation facilities in Paterna near Valencia.  In 1987, Javier Fernández took over the company, making it one of the leading Spanish crop protection... more
  • Agrochemical production in Argentina hal... 2022-11-16 The Chamber of the Argentine Fertilizer and Agrochemical Industry (CIAFA) stressed that the production of agrochemicals and fertilizers in Argentina has halted, due to a lack of US Dollars in circulation in the country. ″Currently there are companies with suspended production lines,″ added the entity, which brings together Argentine agri-input industries and warned that the production of inputs wi... more
  • Fungicide captan receives EU renewal app... 2022-10-25 The European Commission notified the World Trade Organisation (WTO) with the draft regulations regarding renewal approval of fungicide captan.According to the draft Commission Implementing Regulation, captan will be approved for 15 years, effective from 1 March 2023, and expire on 28 February 2038.According to the Commission, captan will be approved only for use in greenhouses, with the obligation... more
  • 2022 12th Typhoon landed China, bringing... 2022-09-15 The huge 12th typhoon "Meihua" landed China on September 13 and passed Shanghai in September 14. Shanghai Port had to be closed for loading and shipment.Now the power of the typhoon is decreasing. Shanghai Port will be opened from 4:00 pm of September 15 (China time). more
  • Bound by Ethyl mercaptan, China’s cletho... 2022-09-13 -Above 70% of global Clethodim supplied from China-Cost of procurement of the raw material Ethyl mercaptan nearly 4 times higher than in India-What is the bottleneck on the supply of Ethyl mercaptan to China-Chinese chemical companies appealing to immediate solutions to supply of Ethyl mercaptan, as period of yearly shipment of clethodim draws near, which is mostly in September - October and April... more
  • Nano-enabled way discovered to control r... 2022-07-28 The bacterial leaf blight disease (BLB) is among the three most devastating pathogens limiting rice production in China. Recent years has witnessed a resurgence of BLB in Zhejiang and other major rice areas in China due to climate change and the changes in the cultivation system. Moreover, there has emerged a new epidemic pattern. These have posed great challenges to the control of BLB. As one of ... more
  • Newer member states push back on bolder ... 2022-07-15 European Union binding targets announced in June to reduce chemical pesticides usage by 50% by 2030 should help to boost interest and market activity, as conventional Active Ingredients (Ais) disappear from the marketplace over the next decade or so.However, the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine has severely disrupted EU food and farming supply chains, particularly in the Central and Eas... more
  • Australia APVMA reconsidering the approv... 2022-06-17 The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) has published the proposed regulatory decision (PRD) for the reconsideration of procymidone, a fungicide used for the control of fungal diseases in various broadacre, horticultural crops and ornamental plants.The PRD for procymidone will:1. retain procymidone as a safe and effective fungicide for use by Australian broadacre horti... more
  • EXPORT BAN OF PALM OIL BY INDONESIA 2022-04-28 On April 22 of 2022, Indonesia released the export ban of cooking oil and it raw marterials. The ban has taken effect on April 28, 2022 and the end time is unknown.Palm oil is the main cooking oil raw material in Indonesia, and China and India are main purchasers of palm oil. This ban will give huge impact to these markets.In China, the prices of all acid products have been increased, affected by ... more
  • Effect of Russia-Ukriane War 2022-03-11 Due to Russia &Ukraine's war ,caused the sunflower seed oil stopping supply from black sea region.The black sea region is the world's largest exporter of sunflower oil,accounting for 60% of the world's production and 76% of exports.Ukraine's seaport will keep closing until war is over.Buyer have to find other oil to replace ,Plam oil became the most expensive of one.The war has impacted part of do... more
  • BASF launches new herbicide solution L-g... 2022-01-14 In January 2022, BASF officially introduced its non-selective herbicide JING•BAOSHIDA (L-Glufosinate 10% SL) to customers in China.Compared to glufosinate, L-glufosinate excludes substances without herbicidal activity but contains only substances with herbicidal activity. Therefore, it can achieve the same herbicidal effect at 60% the amount of a conventional product, while being more environmenta... more
  • Turkey extends permission for five pesti... 2022-01-12 −− The permission will allow companies to destock harmful pesticides, the Wheat Association has notedThe Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in Turkey has extended the permission for the use of five pesticides for the second time while banning the use of two other pesticides.With a decision dated November 19, the ministry banned the use of pesticides that contain the active ingredients of chlorpr... more
  • US EPA issued Regulation 2021-25091 to a... 2021-12-10 On December 1, 2021, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued Regulation 2021-25091 to amend residue limits for Bifenthrin in certain products, according to the Federal Register.  The EPA conducted a risk assessment of toxicity, dietary exposure, and effects on infants and young children and concluded that the following residue limits are safe.  The proposed amendments are as follows: more
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