Mitsui to Acquire Irish Biostimulants Company

has announced that it has reached agreement to acquire a share of in Donegal, Ireland, a leading Irish biostimulants manufacturing company. Through this partnership, Mitsui and CB-Agri will jointly enhance and boost the overall growth strategy of its biostimulant products. Mitsui & Co. Ltd. C&B Agri Enterprise Ltd. C&B Agri Enterprise is an Irish-based producer and distributor of biostimulant products made from natural seaweed and marine-derived amino-acid material. These products are highly competitive, organic and make an important contribution to farmers seeking to improve their crops in Europe, the Americas and Asia. Its C-Bio CPS product, made from 100% pure Ascophyllum Nodosum and manufactured using a unique cold extraction process, has demonstrated excellent efficacy under all climates on a wide range of crops. Mitsui’s Nutrition & Agriculture Business Unit aims to provide comprehensive and sustainable solutions to farmers, including the provision of agricultural inputs and related services, that contribute to a safe and sufficient food supply. To accomplish this vision Mitsui has established a global network of businesses including Anagra; Equlibra; Adelnor; ; Certis Biologicals; Bharat Certis, and Cosaco, who all provide solutions for sustainable crop management. Now the Business Unit seeks to implement a development strategy for the biostimulants sector, and this is the first investment to secure a procurement source that will enable us to offer competitive products, as well as comprehensive service, to valued customers. Certis Belchim Leveraging the extensive global network owned by Mitsui, including key distribution platforms and regional partners in Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa, we can pursue our vision of bringing value to our customers.   From Agribusiness Global web,
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Colombia bans fipronil insecticide

The Ministry of Agriculture and the Colombian Institute of Agriculture (ICA) announced a ban on the registration and definitive use of pesticides that have fipronil as an active ingredient. Please check the  . RESOLUCIÓN No.00000740 Luis Domingo Gómez, the author of the action, celebrated the decision and highlighted the fact that the resolution is ″supported by irrefutable scientific evidence that mainly benefits pollinators and, consequently, the health of people and future generations.″ The decision was taken by a technical committee constituted to comply with the conclusion of the court of the Colombian state of Cundinamarca, which ordered the adoption of measures to preserve pollinating insects.   The resolution is based on a technical study carried out by Agrosavia (Colombian Agricultural Research Corporation), which determined that fipronil is an insecticide whose indiscriminate use has caused the death of bees and the disappearance of hives. The investigation showed that Quindío, Huila, Cundinamarca, Meta, and Cesar are the five Colombian states where the most bee deaths were recorded last year.   ″Bees play a valuable role because we need dynamic agriculture. In this transition, we must carry out sustainable agriculture with actions and good practices,″ said the Colombian Minister of Agriculture, Cecilia López Montaño. According to her, this is the ″commitment for the beekeeping sector to occupy the place it deserves in the entire production chain and make the country a world power in world food production″.   The minister reiterated the agreement she signed with the Julius Kühn Institute from Germany for the advancement of scientific research and cooperation to promote the protection of pollinators, given their importance in agricultural production.   María del Pilar Ruiz Molina, General Manager (e) of the ICA, said ″the issuance of this resolution has a significant impact on the development of a more productive, equitable and environmentally correct field.″ She pointed out that there will now be 12 months to discuss alternatives and depleting the existing stocks of products that contain this active ingredient and are sold in the country.   During the technical table, it was explained that there are several alternatives to the insecticide fipronil that can be analyzed for a year and thus offer options to producers.   From Agropages,
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Albaugh acquires Afrasa in Spain

Albaugh Europe Sarl, a company headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland, announces the acquisition of Industrias Afrasa, a company headquartered in Valencia, Spain. Afrasa was founded in 1955 by Aurelio Fernández in Valencia, Spain and in 1974 opened formulation facilities in Paterna near Valencia.  In 1987, Javier Fernández took over the company, making it one of the leading Spanish crop protection companies.  Now in the 3rd generation and under the leadership of Arantxa Fernández, Afrasa has expanded its presence across Europe, North Africa and Middle East with more than 350 products registered in 28 countries and defending over 12 active ingredients in Europe. Arantxa Fernández, the CEO of Afrasa, commented: ″After three family generations dedicated to growing the project started by my grandfather when he decided to found a small chemical company called Afrasa in 1955, the family has had to face one of the hardest decisions that a business family has to make.  Afrasa’s integration with Albaugh, a global company and leader in the international market of phytosanitary products, is the perfect complement to carry out the growth and consolidation plans of Afrasa's future project. All the Fernandez family, and especially myself, want to thank from the bottom of my heart all the effort, dedication, and professionalism of each one of the workers that during all these years have dedicated their efforts to make Afrasa's project grow, without all of you we would never have reached this far.″ Stephen Karl, President of Albaugh's Europe, Middle East, and Africa Region highlighted, ″It has been impressive to see how Afrasa has flourished and grown over the years. The Afrasa portfolio, mainly focused on Mediterranean crops, complements the Albaugh portfolio, and the Afrasa facilities in Spain will build upon the existing capabilities of our Slovenia facilities to support our rapidly growing business and continue the combined success.″ Kurt Pedersen Kaalund, the Group CEO of Albaugh, further commented, ″Together with the newly acquired Rotam business, Albaugh will now have a strong product portfolio in Europe and offer over 35 active ingredients at European level.  We are very excited to welcome such a driven, entrepreneurial, innovative, and professional Afrasa team into the Albaugh Group and to have their support to achieve our vision to support farmers throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa with sustainable crop protection solutions.″ From Agropages,
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Agrochemical production in Argentina halted due to lack of US Dollars

The Chamber of the Argentine Fertilizer and Agrochemical Industry (CIAFA) stressed that the production of agrochemicals and fertilizers in Argentina has halted, due to a lack of US Dollars in circulation in the country. ″Currently there are companies with suspended production lines,″ added the entity, which brings together Argentine agri-input industries and warned that the production of inputs will be even more compromised if the Argentine Republic (BCRA) does not change a rule that affects the...
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Fungicide captan receives EU renewal approval

The European Commission notified the World Trade Organisation (WTO) with the draft regulations regarding renewal approval of fungicide captan.According to the draft Commission Implementing Regulation, captan will be approved for 15 years, effective from 1 March 2023, and expire on 28 February 2038.According to the Commission, captan will be approved only for use in greenhouses, with the obligation that they remain closed from the time of application until harvest, may be authorised.For the imple...
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2022 12th Typhoon landed China, bringing influences on shipment

The huge 12th typhoon "Meihua" landed China on September 13 and passed Shanghai in September 14. Shanghai Port had to be closed for loading and shipment.Now the power of the typhoon is decreasing. Shanghai Port will be opened from 4:00 pm of September 15 (China time).
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Bound by Ethyl mercaptan, China’s clethodim production blocked

-Above 70% of global Clethodim supplied from China-Cost of procurement of the raw material Ethyl mercaptan nearly 4 times higher than in India-What is the bottleneck on the supply of Ethyl mercaptan to China-Chinese chemical companies appealing to immediate solutions to supply of Ethyl mercaptan, as period of yearly shipment of clethodim draws near, which is mostly in September - October and April - May of the next year China’s period of shipment of clethodim  It is presently the high time of pr...
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Nano-enabled way discovered to control rice bacterial leaf blight disease

The bacterial leaf blight disease (BLB) is among the three most devastating pathogens limiting rice production in China. Recent years has witnessed a resurgence of BLB in Zhejiang and other major rice areas in China due to climate change and the changes in the cultivation system. Moreover, there has emerged a new epidemic pattern. These have posed great challenges to the control of BLB. As one of the ten emerging chemical technologies that will change the world in the future, nano-enabled agroch...
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