BASF launches new herbicide solution L-glufosinate in China

Posted on 2022-01-14
In January 2022, BASF officially introduced its non-selective herbicide JING•BAOSHIDA (L-Glufosinate 10% SL) to customers in China.
Compared to glufosinate, L-glufosinate excludes substances without herbicidal activity but contains only substances with herbicidal activity. Therefore, it can achieve the same herbicidal effect at 60% the amount of a conventional product, while being more environmentally safe. 
BASF’s JING•BAOSHIDA has three major characteristics: 
1) Broad herbicidal spectrum: It can effectively control annual weeds, such as eleusine indica, horseweed herb and crab grass, being also effective in controlling perennial weeds.
2) Extra activity and fast and long-lasting acting: Its activity is 1.5 to 2 times that of common glufosinate, with rapid weeding and long-term control.
3) More safe: It is safe to use on after reap crops, without harming roots.
Under the circumstance of prohibition of paraquat and the growing resistance to glyphosate, the launch of JING•BAOSHIDA will give growers with a new choice, which could cause a significant change to the non-selective herbicide market.


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